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Credit Safety Tips

Even if you manage your spending well, there are other ways your credit card can get you into trouble. But don’t worry, by following these tips you can keep your credit card account safe and your credit history good:

  • Tip – Never give out your card number – especially if someone calls and asks you for it. If you think the call is legitimate, ask them to send you their request in writing.
  • Tip – if you lose your card or it is stolen, call your credit card company immediately. Keeping your credit card company’s phone number and your account number written down will really help out if you need to make a report.
  • Tip – Instead of signing the back of your credit card, write “See I.D.” This way no one can use your credit card instead of you or try to forge your signature.
  • Tip – Save your receipts and compare them to your monthly statement. If a charge appears on your statement that you did not make, call your credit card company immediately.


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