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9 Great Reasons to Save

Many people wonder why they should bother trying to save money. Check out these 9 great reasons to save:

  1. To cover expenses for special occasions (prom, birthdays, trips, etc.).
  2. To pay for unexpected expense (e.g., a car repair, auto accident, broken digital camera, outrageous cell phone bill, etc.).
  3. To take advantage of unexpected opportunities (e.g., a trip, hard to get tickets to a concert or sporting event, a great sale, etc.).
  4. To help you achieve financial goals (e.g., buying a car, home, computer, vacation, etc.).
  5. To pay for college.
  6. To avoid credit card debt.
  7. To have an emergency fund to cover day-to-day expenses if you lose your job or your parents stop paying your expenses.
  8. To prepare for retirement. (The sooner you start the less you have to save.)
  9. To give you peace of mind and a sense of financial security.


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