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Personal Finance Education LInks

California Cooperative Extension
Use this site to find Cooperative Extension Advisors in your county.
California Credit Union League
The home page for the California Credit Union League provides basic information on California’s credit unions as well as an education link. The education link is filled with material that can be used in the classroom or in small instructional settings.
Consumer Action
Consumer Action is a national non-profit education and advocacy organization.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created to make sure markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans. The Consumer Bureau will educate consumers, enforce federal consumer financial laws, and conduct research.
A web site on personal finance from the Cooperative Extension System of Land Grant Universities.
Federal Reserve Education
The Federal Reserve System is committed to economic and personal financial education. Here you can find links to instructional materials and tools that can increase your understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education.
Federal Trade Commission
The FTC is a government site that provides financial information for both teachers and students and explains how to file claims against people or groups that are in violation of government laws. The site also has "hot topics" such as identity theft and disaster relief fraud alerts. This is a great research site.
Getting Credit
FTC's website on getting credit
A microsite with important consumer information on credit that would interest young people.
Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy promotes youth financial literacy. This site provides an overview of the coalition as well as provides teachers/leaders with information on program trainings.
Kid’s Eye View, Explaining a Budget
Site explaining what a budget is and how it is used. Basically for parents or teachers to learn how to explain budgeting to youth or teens.
Life Smarts
Life Smarts consumer challenge is an educational opportunity that develops consumer and marketplace knowledge and skills of teenagers. The game is played in a game show type setting all across the country.
National Endowment for Financial Education
(go to "Educational Programs")
The National Endowment for Financial Education provides a curriculum for high school teachers/leaders called, NEFE High School Financial Planning Program. This program is in cooperation with NEFE, America’s Credit Unions, and Cooperative Extension Program.
National Financial Capability Challenge
The National Financial Capability Challenge is an awards program designed to increase the financial knowledge and capability of high school aged youth across the United States so they can take control over their financial futures. It challenges high school teachers and other educators to teach the basics of personal finance to their students, and rewards students, educators, schools, and states for their participation and their success. Educators and top-scoring students will receive award certificates, and schools and states with the highest participation rates will earn special distinction.
Practical Money Skills (VISA)
This site provides teachers, parents and leaders with basic financial information as well as lesson plans for children of all ages (young-college age).
Schwab MoneyWise Workshop for Teens and Young Adults
This workshop guide is designed to be used by a teacher, parent or volunteer to teach young adults ages 13-18 basic money management skills including: goal setting, spending wisely, credit, saving, and investing.
SECs “Test Your Money $marts”
This site provides teachers with basic information on how to handle money wisely.
Stock Market Game
This game is an interactive computer game that students can use as long as you register and monitor their progress.


African American Market Profile
This publication is a market profile of African Americans spending habits.
Asian American Market Profile
This publication is a market profile of Asian Americans spending habits.
Building a Better Credit Record
FTC's PDF on Credit
An FTC publication that focuses on building a good credit record. It also discusses consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Knee Deep in Debt
Knee Deep in Debt.pdf
An FTC publication for those who need help getting out of debt, or for those who want to avoid debt.
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